Growing Leaders Programme

Growing Leaders In the West

Growing leaders is about growing leadership potential in young people. The programme is based on the Sport NZ Growing Leaders resource and aims to provide young people with the skills, tools and confidence to pursue leadership opportunities in life.

The philosophy for Growing Leaders is based on the following four cornerstones:

• The belief that leadership experiences enhance the development of all young people – leadership experiences should not be limited to a selected few

• An understanding that leadership begins with self-knowledge – in order to lead others, one must first know how to lead oneself

• The belief that many leadership characteristics and traits can be developed – leaders are made, not born

• An understanding that leadership is an act of service

Professional development is offered to teachers, community organisations and clubs where they learn about the programme and can then support and develop young people with leadership skills.

“It was excellent training. I came back with multiple ideas on how to implement this in my school”

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Pauline Butt

Young People Advisor