Fundamental Movement Skills

Physical Literacy

Sport Waitakere is working hard to implement Sport New Zealand’s Physical Literacy Approach across all its programmes.

Physical Literacy is about Developing Confidence, Competence, Motivation & the Knowledge and Understanding to  BE ACTIVE!

In the primary school environment we have been delivering our Funskills programme which provides teachers with professional development and role model delivery to enable them to build their skills and confidence to deliver fun activities to the students to support their physical literacy development.

In 2017 Sport Waitakere will be offering Funskills to the Early Childhood Centres. This programme will look at building teachers confidence through professional development and role model delivery. 

Funskills Snapshot at Royal Road

If you are interested in either the Early Childhood or the school programme please contact

Developing Fundamental Movement Skills In Primary School Children

SPORT WAITAKERE offers schools the opportunity to participate in a fundamental movement skills programme that will assist children to develop these vital skills. Fundamental skills are the foundation skills that are required to play any sport, dance or kapa haka. Competency in these skills also ensures that they have built vital brain connections that enhance all their learning and development.

The SPORT WAITAKERE FMS programme is designed to give teachers an understanding of how FMS can assist children to not only develop their sport skills but also how it helps to develop skills that will enhance learning in the classroom. It is essential that teachers have this understanding prior to commencement of the programme and so all teachers undergo a professional development workshop that gives them the theory behind the programme.

Weekly sessions are delivered to the children by the SPORT WAITAKERE Fundamental Skills Advisor. Teachers are required to be present at these sessions so that they can further develop their skills for teaching FMS to the students. The sessions cover balance (static and dynamic), locomotor skills and manipulative skills. The programme is designed to scaffold children’s learning so we try to ensure that children have the basic skills first prior to moving them onto the more complicated skills such as one handed striking.

Session plans and activity sheets are provided to the teachers which then enable them to carry out the activities during the rest of the week. Teachers are also shown ways that they can link the FMS to other curriculum areas e.g students can write about the movement of jumping in their literacy sessions or they can measure how they have jumped for numeracy!

The fundamental movement skills programme is improving children’s physical ability but it is also helping to build confidence and also helping to improve children’s social skills.

“It has also been great to see children developing a deeper understanding of working with a team or a partner. One boy in my class with developmental delay really struggles to work fairly and cooperatively with others without getting upset or physical. Through the consistency of FMS and the expectations set up there, he is now able to play a team game without intentionally or unintentionally hurting others.” St Mary’s Teacher.

For more information on how your school can become involved in this valuable programme contact:

Pauline Butt