Club Capability

The wheel below highlights some key areas that SPORT WAITAKERE can assist you in developing club capability. Some of these directly link to the modules within the Sport NZ Warrant of Fitness (WOF) tool, for example strategic planning (see below). Click here to view or conduct this assessment. SPORT WAITAKERE offers support and mentoring through this process, as well as advice on information gained from the assessment and practical solutions. 
PLEASE NOTE:  The sport NZ Warrant of Fitness will no longer be in use after 30 June 2016.


Strategic planning is a very important activity. It is an organisation’s process of defining its direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. The Strategic Plan is essentially the roadmap to achieve its 3- 5 year goals.

Today’s environment is characterised by:

Fast and continuous change
Competitive environment
Financial accountability.
Organisations are increasingly held more accountable and having to compete for resources. Organisations that engage in strategic planning (and management) generally out-perform those that do not. Ultimately, strategy is about making choices, and assessing alternative pathways for consideration.

One of the core goals when drafting a strategic plan is to develop it in a way that is easily translatable into action plans. Most strategic plans address high level initiatives and overarching goals, but don't get articulated (translated) into day-to-day projects and tasks that will be required to achieve the plan. Terminology or word choice, as well as the level at which a plan is written, are both examples of easy ways to fail at translating your strategic plan in a way that makes sense to others.