Become a Sport Waitakere Volunteer



What is a Volunteer?

Someone who gives their own free time to assist others without getting paid.

 Do I need experience?

NO!  If you’re willing to help and have a great CAN DO attitude it will assist you while you volunteer.

 Do I get paid?

You don’t need to get paid when you’re doing something good for someone else!  Pay it forward.

 What do I get out of being a Volunteer?

You get to be a part of a great local community group, make new friends, and experience something new and exciting

 Why do I need to do a Police screening?


We want you to be safe!  And we want our events to be safe too!

 What type of jobs can I volunteer to do at Sport Waitakere?

Throughout the year we hold many events AND in the community, local clubs often reach out to us to ask for our assistance.  You can marshal at our yearly Waitakere Half and Fun runs, get down and dirty with the set- up of our Tough it Out course, or even come and tend to our flourishing vegetable garden and surrounding grounds.  These are only some of the activities that are available – the list is endless..

If you would like more information about becoming a Sport Waitakere Volunteer please fill out this form https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LZJCMRX and we will be in touch.